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Welcome to CEDIMA!

With the customer, for the customer! Since 1984 CEDIMA GmbH from Celle has been developing and distributing diamond tools and machines for the construction industry. Having collected know how for many years we dispose today of a variety of diamond tools and machines offering unequalled opportunities.

Our products are exported in more than 50 countries. Various distributors and service partnerships throughout the world help keeping delivery and service times as short as possible. In Germany, a powerful sales force team takes care of our customers' needs.

Quality is one of CEDIMA's most important maxim. Business processes consequently directed to quality assurance have become a matter of course. These efforts have been rewarded already in 1997 with the certification as per DIN ISO 9001.


In Celle, a highly qualified team constantly works to provide the suitable tool for each material. The samples collected worldwide by our customers and staff are meanwhile lining the shelves. In a laboratory equipped with the latest technology the composition of the samples is examined, thus gaining necessary information for the development of a successful diamond tool.

Before a diamond tool is ready for sale it has been submitted to extensive tests. Depending on its application the saw blade has to prove its capability on a computer-controlled bridge saw, on a table saw or on a hand-held machine. During this procedure allparameters of the tool are exactly registered and documented. Only by this the determination of a precise production serial becomes beomes possible. Of course, drill bits are equally tested. The production of the released tool takes place at the location Celle. A modern laser welding plant connects the new diamond segment inseparably with the steel core. Especially where large saw blade diameters are concerned also the soldering method is applied.

Our greatest value is an excellently trained sales and service team, standing up for the customers's interests at home and abroad. Normally, problems can be analysed competently on the spot, and in many cases solved at once. The possibility to offer all required diamond tools, machines and services from one source makes us a powerful partner of the concrete drilling and sawing branch throughout the world.